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Solid Wood Flooring in Birmingham

Solid wood flooring in Birmingham has immense resilience and lasting qualities for a lifetime.

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It is a unique natural ecological wood product and can not be compared to three layer engineered wood parquet or a plastic laminate products. Its natural texture and quality can not be reproduced by any other flooring type. Choosing Birmingham Flooring oak or ash solid wood flooring for your bedroom, lounge, kitchen, hallway or bathroom will give you a high quality result and satisfaction.

State of the art (high quality) technology and a skilled work force will guarantee you a high quality end product.

Health Benefits

The environment Protection Agency has said that indoor air quality is one of our top health threats. Installed in the home, or elsewhere, solid wood flooring in Birmingham can help to contribute to a healthy living environment. Hard surface flooring such as hardwood flooring does not trap or harbor dust mites or moulds that cause respiratory problems such as allergies and asthma. You will be protecting both your own and your families health.

health benefits of solid wood flooring in birmingham for kitchens and bathrooms
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Eco Benefits

Wooden flooring is ecologically friendly. Since wood is a natural resource. Unlike most floor coverings, wood is sustainable. Long gone are the days when the trees were cut down with little thought for the long term consequences for the worlds rain forests. Today, most timber is cut from forests that are carefully managed to ensure continued resources in the future. In fact almost twice as much timber is added every year than is harvested. Additionally there is more standing hardwood timber today than there was 50 years ago.


The wear and tear of everyday life can take it’s toll on a floor, but your hard wearing wood floor will last for years to come.


Solid wood flooring in Birmingham has come a long way in the past few years. Today there are more styles of species of wood flooring than ever before. Whether you are looking for traditional pine, exotic wenge or trendy bamboo, solid, engineered or laminate flooring. You can be sure to find a color or style to fit your taste.


We only use trustworthy flooring suppliers, and make sure that in advance of offering a product for installation we can get hold of the flooring needed by the installation date.


A beautiful wood floor need not cost much more than a quality carpet, indeed it will work out cheaper in the long run. Unlike a carpet, your wood floor will last for years and increase the value of your property.


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