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Safety Flooring in Birmingham

If you are running a company and currently redesigning your office, you may be considering using safety flooring in Birmingham.

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Safety flooring is exactly what it says in the name. It is a flooring made of a special, slip resistant material that reduces the chance of slippages or falls. Due to this, it has proven to be popular with business employers who want to avoid lawsuits. Safety flooring has also been proven to be popular with parents who want to make sure their home is as safe as it can be for their children.

At Birmingham Flooring our aim is to provide a safety floor possibility that keeps everyone protected. We want to make sure that you get everything you need from your safety flooring. This type of flooring has a number of important benefits. It is not just used for reducing the chances of someone slipping.

Domestic & Commercial Safety Flooring in Birmingham

resiential and commercial safety flooring in birminghamIn addition to the anti slip flooring solutions we provide for our domestic clients, our commercial safety flooring is also completely durable and ECO safe. Once it is laid down, it will be years before you see any sign of wear and tear, if at all.

Due to the non slip materials used, safety flooring is one of the best options for an office environment. You might have countless people walking across your floor day in and day out. Safety flooring will not scratch easily. As well as this, it will keep your office looking tidy and well maintained.

Flooring Designed for Easy  Maintenance

Safety flooring in Birmingham is designed for easy maintenance. After the flooring has been installed by our experience safety flooring fitters, you’ll find keeping it clean is easy and stress-free. You can clean safety flooring with a mop and bucket, using a wet mop. Unlike other types of flooring, you do not need to worry about getting the materials used too wet. Stains and marks can be easily removed in seconds to ensure your office or room always looks great.

Safety Flooring for Playgrounds & Wet Rooms

The safety flooring that we provide has been rigorously tested through many different trials. The materials have been examined, using different substances to see if it makes the floor slippery. We are pleased to say that we provide the installation of some of the best safety floor materials available on the market. You can trust it will be a safe environment in your home or at a commercial location. That’s one of the many reasons our safety flooring in Birmingham is used in many playgrounds, care & nursing homes and wet rooms just to name a few.

Safety flooring is used in a variety of different environments such as: 

Educational institutes
Hospitals & Welfare
Sports & Recreation
Veterinary surgeries
Leisure & retail industry
Doctor surgeries
Dental practices

Contact Birmingham Flooring

One of the reasons why we are a trusted safety floor contractor in Birmingham, are because we appreciate every customer is different and have their own unique requirements. We can keep you fully updated throughout the process to ensure your floor is installed correctly and on time. Speak to a friendly member of staff who will advise you on the best type of safety flooring to suit your needs.

commercial and domestic safet flooring in birmingham